Our Philosophy

Incorporated in 1931 we have remained a family run business throughout, the business is now solely run by Robert, the 4th Generation of the family. The continued success of the company is rooted deeply in our commitment to traditional construction methods, attention to detail and employment of skilled, competent tradesmen.

As a building contractor we built for County, District and Borough Councils, private landowners, Area Health Authorities, Diocesan Boards and retail organisations. We completed a wide range of construction work, both commercial and residential, for over eighty years.

Since the 1980’s we have dedicated our resources to the construction of quality residential properties, mainly for sale on the open market. We build between 10 and 30 properties a year, with the size, style and specification dependent on the sites available locally.

We recently moved our base from Chipperfield, but the company still operates under the same ownership and management. We only build within a 20 mile radius of our Office and design the schemes specifically for each individual location. We rarely repeat standard house types, and use local architects to design bespoke schemes to complement the local environment.

We have been an NHBC registered housebuilder since 1942 and continue to be proud of our A1 rating. We value our local reputation highly and strive to maintain it by building to highest standards possible, and creating quality homes for our customers.